It is often said that the only things left after a wedding are the photographs... well, respectfully, I disagree. Of course you'll have the photographs on your walls and in your album, you'll have your dress or suit preserved and put away, you might even have the top tier of your wedding cake in your freezer for 365 days... but you'll also have the memories and emotions of your wedding day. 

Fifty years from now, you might not remember what flavor your delicious cake was or what song you danced the hardest to, but you will remember how you felt on the day of your wedding... how much fun you had, how much love you felt, and how hard you laughed.


Every time you look at your photographs, my hope is that you'll be reminded of how the day felt, not only how it looked.

Photographs are a powerful, visual testament of the love that surrounds you- and I can't think of anything I'd rather have than that daily reminder. To walk by framed photographs and see the people you love the most being their happiest, that's priceless. I want you to have that because in my opinion, love is the most important thing in the world and everyone deserves to be reminded of the love in their life.


Your wedding day is one of the happiest, love-filled and emotional days of your life... and I want to be there for you to help you make it everything it can possibly be. I want to be there to laugh and cry with you and tell your story in the most authentic way. 


You don't need to be recently engaged or married to celebrate the two of you and the love you have. An anniversary, a birthday or a Tuesday- let's create some photographs of the two of you doing that you do best- loving on each other every day.


Family is precious- whether it's your new babies, your teenagers before they leave for college, or your parents as they become grandparents, family photographs act as a time machine back to that exact point in your life. 

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danielle & nick

I can not say enough good about Shannon not only as a photographer but as a person. 

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julie & kenny

Shannon gave us the most amazing wedding pictures, that I have heard time and time again "are the most beautiful weddings photos anyone has ever seen." Not only is she incredibly talented, she more than delightful to work with!

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allyson & tyler

Shannon's photography skilles are absolutely flawless! She captures color, emotion, detail and personality better than any other photographer I know. We are so grateful to have had her there on our big day!

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- heather & matt

"Our photos are beyond anything that I could have ever 

of receiving!"