Fairmont Copley Plaza Wedding: Sarah & Matt

August 12, 2015


Sarah & Matt were married Saturday August 1st at St Ignatius at Boston College and held their reception at the beautiful Fairmont Copley Plaza. Every detail of their day was just so classically elegant- from the guys’ tuxes to Sarah’s stunning gown to the Rolls Royce and classic script used throughout- it all fit perfectly! I started the day with Sarah and her beautiful bridesmaids in one of the Fairmont’s suites while my awesome second shooter Phillip went to greet Matt & the groomsmen. After a few light rain showers and some obsessive radar-checking, the clouds parted and the sun came out just as we were getting ready to leave for the ceremony. We all met up again at the church- the amazing St Ignatius at Boston College. After the ceremony, Sarah & Matt had chosen to do their portraits at BC and let me tell you… it was the perfect location! I had a great time photographing Sarah, Matt and their hilarious bridal party in one of BC’s quads. After a quick few minutes of portraits, we headed back to the Fairmont for a few more minutes outside before their introductions… and I’m so glad we did! The sun was just setting and it was just the most perfect even light you could ask for!!

Sarah & Matt- thank you so much for having us there with you on your wedding day! I’d been looking forward to this day ever since we got to spend time together for your engagement session– It was a beautiful day from start to finish and it was a treat to spend the day with you, your friends and your amazing families! Much love!

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Rolls Royce: Mark at Black Tie

Band: GQ and the Lady

Venue: Fairmont Copley Plaza (thank you Alicia!!)

Hair & Makeup: Nicole Meconiates

Dress: Augusta Jones

Flowers: JoAnn Winters